Premium Tank Worth List

These are all in my (MaxGamingFPS) opinion. Please take this list with a pinch of salt and look up other reviews to get a better idea on how the tank plays.

This list is not the BEST TANK list. It's if the tank is worth it to buy for real money.
Tanks that can be found in the bond store and ranked store are not in this list. If you want to know what I think about the bond store tanks, you can find it here.

The "Must Have" Section has to include both fun and good at grinding credits.
Tanks within a category are designated within alphabetical order and not an order of worth.

Any tank that is underlined, means you can click and will be brought to the review video on my YouTube channel.
Pressing CTRL+F will bring up a search box on the browser, you can then type the tank name to find it in the list easier.

Must Have

If you are on a strict budget, then these are the only ones I would recommend.

EBR 75 (FL10)
Bourrasque 🥖
Progetto 46
Tank Destroyer
Heavy tank
Object 703 II
Skoda T56

Credit Grinder

Tanks that can be played for pure credit grinding, this means playing without food and gold ammo.

HWK 30 ~ German
LT-432 ~ Russian
122 TM ~ Chinese
Alt Proto AMX 30 ~ French
Centurion 5/1 ~ UK
CS-52 LIS ~ Polish
Lancen C ~ Swedish
Lorrain 40t ~ French
STA-2 ~ Japanese
Type 59 ~ Chinese
50TP Proto ~ Polish
Caernarvon AX ~ UK
E75 TS ~ German
Lowe ~ German
Renegade ~ USA
Somua SM ~ French
Tank Destroyer
Jagdtiger 8,8 ~ German
Skorpion G ~ German
STRV S1 ~ Swedish
SU-130PM ~ Russian
TS-5 ~ USA
WZ-120-1G FT ~ Chinese

Fun Only

Tanks that you don't really buy to make credits, more so for just messing around or are very competitive when played with full gold rounds.

ELC EVEN 90 ~ French
AMBT ~ American
Kampfpanzer 07 RH ~ German
T-44-100 ~ Russian
Caliban ~ UK
Tank Destroyers
ISU-152K ~ Russian


Tanks that are not worth the money and should not really be bought unless you are a collector. Some of them will be not worth it because they are bad, some of them because there are simply better tanks that you could get for your money.

T92 ~ USA
59-Patton ~ Chinese
AMX CDC ~ French
Astron Rex ~ USA
Chieftain/T95 ~ UK
FV4202 ~ UK
M4A1 Revalorise ~ French
Object 274a ~ Russian
Panther 8,8 ~ German
Primo Victoria ~ Swedish
Skoda T27 ~ Czechoslovakian
T42 ~ USA
T-54 Mod 1 ~ Russian
Bisonte ~ Italian
Tornvagn ~ Swedish
Kirovets 1 ~ Russian
M6A2E1 ~ USA
252U Defender ~ Russian
T34 ~ USA
T77 ~ USA
VK 168.01 (Mauerbrecher) ~ German
VK 75.01 K ~ German
Tank Destroyers
GSOR 1008 ~ UK
Kanonenjagdpanzer ~ German
Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 ~ German